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Helping small service-based entrepreneurs understand how well they are doing with their money by providing timely and accurate financial reports. We give them peace of mind, clarity, and confidence.

Are we a good fit?

We serve small service-based business owners who are ambitious, responsive, and goal oriented– the kind that want to get the job done and done well. Our clients are happy because we partner with them in their success, and they appreciate us as their trusted advisor. We collaborate with photographers, marketers, recruiters, consultants, chiropractors, and business coaches; We cater to a select group of real estate investors.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you tired of doing everything yourself?
  • Are you short on time?
  • Are you staying up late Friday nights, so you can organize your “books”?
  • Are you considering hiring a bookkeeper – and incurring wage and benefit expenses and costing between $40,000 – $70,000?
  • Or are you so far behind that you can’t remember or (you’ve never) reconciled the checkbook?
  • Do you feel confident about the financial health of your company or are you on track with your growth goals?
  • Are the compliance issues of payroll giving you headaches?
  • Are your financial statements “loan ready” (in case you need to increase your credit line immediately)?
  • Are you worried about your finances?
  • Does tax season cause you anxiety?
  • Are you not in compliance with IRS mandate 583 which requires all businesses to have accurate record keeping?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place! Help is here!

How we help

  • Our services provide relief from the headaches associated with bookkeeping; we provide timely and accurate financial reports
  • We teach you how to make good financial decisions
  • We explain the financials to you in easy-to-understand language
  • Our services are tax deductible and are a fraction of what a bookkeeper will cost you (Did we mention this is 100% tax deductible?)

Who we are:
Meet Teresa Henry, your bookkeeping professional

After spending 20+ years in commercial lending, I saw a real need for small business owners that lacked guidance with financial statement preparation and more importantly, guidance to show them how to make great financial decisions. We turned down so many borrowers because of poorly prepared financials or while they were brilliant talking about their business, these individuals couldn’t explain how financially they could meet their daily cash operating needs let alone their future goals.

In 2020 I opened the doors to Accu Pro Bookkeeping – a bookkeeping and advisory company devoted entirely to the small service-based entrepreneur. I love helping business owners create and meet financial goals. I come alongside my clients as their trusted advisor and teach, coach and train owners in easy-to-understand language. I’m extremely dedicated and approachable and care deeply about my client’s success. I know the success of my business is based on the success of theirs. With over 20+ years in corporate finances to lean on, I’m also a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and proud member of American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Let’s Connect for a Complimentary No-Hassle Call!

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